Care For A Pear?
Jones-ing for the next pear while eating the pear

For some reason the under-rated pear has come into my world with a dynamic entry. I never was a pear person. I guess because I didn't understand them. I would walk past them in the grocery store, give them a quick glance and even quicker dismissal and motor on to a more deserving fruit.

Then one day while walking past them, as usual, my feet stopped. I looked at them and they at me. There was a quizzical energy between us. And then pressure began building. The pear was in full-court press, and i could resist no longer.  The white flag was unfurled.

Having a relationship with anything requires understanding the thing, so i set about to give the pear its due respect by looking into what makes a pear tick and how it ticks me.

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Pear-ly Seeds Of Wisdom

'...a new analysis of the Nurses' Health Study has shown that among all fruits and vegetables analyzed for their flavonoid content, the combination of apples/pears showed the most consistent ability to lower risk of type 2 diabetes.'

'Cloudy" pear juices (technically referred to as "high turbidity" juices) emerged as the superior juice type in terms of nutrient content as well as antioxidant benefits.

'intake of pears has now been associated with decreased risk of several common chronic diseases that begin with chronic inflammation and excessive oxidative stress. These diseases include heart disease and type 2 diabetes.'

'they are so luscious and juicy when perfectly ripe. Everyone could benefit from a pear.' Lia 

As you can see the Pear has many attributes and much more than be listed here. This site is just a quick stop spot for helpful information, so go about and discover your own joyous and healthy avenues of pear enjoyment. Below is a link to get you started:

Excellent Pear Info 

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Primordial OOOOOOze #1

Remember in body, mind and soul:
"junk is a nono for my gogo"


Primordial Oooooze (PO#1)
                                                 Tastes bettah than it looks

There is much more to this cruise than the inner, 'spiritual' work.  These wagons we are riding around in need fuel and processed junk will.not.do.anymore.  JUNK FOOD is a definite flo-buster.  Our bodies are craving high-octane fuel, and it is time we give it what it needs instead of what the bugs in us are craving (that is another story).

PO #1 fixin's. Pile into your blender:

sumptuous handful of organic greens - ANY greens will do.  the deeper the green, the better.  but if you are just starting out, you may want to go with the lighter greens to eeeeeaze into the oooooze zone.

2 organic carrots

3 stalks organic celery

1 organic apple

1 free-range egg

clean water - not tap (water is a whole other story)

You got the control.  Make your ooze any way you 
chooze, but JUST DO IT!
Making quality changes in our flo can sometimes be 
met with resistance on many levels.

and remember your mantra:

 "junk is a nono for my gogo"


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Care For A Pear?