Nature's Dermabrasion

Awesome Beauty Rx
It is a bit of an ouchee but, hey, it is free!

I live close to a beach and during the warm months, I enjoy swimming, 
body surfing and this awesome do-it-yourself skin treatment.
~ Sit on the edge of the surf in wet sand. Pick up handfuls of sopping wet sand and scrub your whole body with it - from the bottom of your feet to your scalp. It can be unpleasant in some tender areas, but push through. I usually do the once-over twice. (If you are unable to get to sand, go to a local riverbank or lake and use the beautiful wet mud.)

~ Next take a dip and leisurely swim to allow the water to wash off all the sand. You will be on high tingle as the salt water washes over the abraded skin.

~ Upon returning home, take a warm bath or shower, dry off and immediately apply an apple cider vinegar/water rinse all over your body, scalp and hair - 3 parts water/1 part vinegar.

~ After that completely dries, apply coconut oil all over. This is the icing on the cake. Your skin will feel silky, satiny soft.

~ As added yummy-ness put a drop of lusciously smelling essential oil in the V of your breastbone right below your neck.

                         My skin feels so awesome and I smell so delicious after this treatment 
                                         that I usually can't keep my hands off my own self.

                                               In love with you,
                                                                Aniel Lia Love