I was wrong. That was my fault.

It feels good to say 'I was wrong. That was my fault.'

There is something so freeing about owning up to conflict that I have created,
even very minor incidences that mean nothing in the long run.

The other person involved with me suddenly feels free of any doubt in their mind
about their participation, about their possible co-creation in the matter.

It solves the conflict almost immediately thus clearing tense and
tight energetic space and creating fluidity once again.

The emotional environment becomes soft and
smoothe and a fresh start is possible

Ezee pezee if we only have the inner strength and
maturity to take the risk which is really no risk at all.

There is only everything to gain.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

photo credit: unknown


No! To Game Playing

Just say 'No!' to any game but yours. 

Bust your way through any convolution that you may be imprisoned in 
at this very moment. Make your own damn way and rules. 

We are meant to do our own thing and not be 'One' with everyone 
else on this planet and do everything according to the 'One'.


Break free from spiritual programming and Be and Do according to 
your Sovereign soul and not some groupthink just because 
it has the 'spiritual' label on it. 

Learn to discern.

In love with you,

Aniel Lia Love

Photo credit: Unknown

True Thankfulness

The part of us that is uncorrupted, that is tender in word, in action, 
that sees newness in every breath, that is original creation is 
that part we seek to expose, integrate and become. 

The part that gives us freedom to walk this earth in unadulterated 
Beingness and uniqueness, to express, copiously, without 
fear, in perfect timing and exquisite fluidity. 

To connect and live through that unbounded part of us 
is the place of true thankfulness and celebration.

In love with you,

 Aniel Lia Love

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Authentic Generosity

Authenticity means different things for 
every person, so does generosity.

Authentic generosity, for me, is surrounding myself around 
and fully engulfing the attendance of every little thing in my 
life. it doesn't mean that I do not make effort to change 
something to feel better. 

It just means that i generously allow myself to be fully 
immersed in what is in the moment, to generously soak up 
every bit of feeling, every bit of the sharp edges or smooth lines. 

The generosity of entrusting myself into the presence of everything
 is what uncovers treasures of personal truths, makes me whole 
and expands my event horizons in unimaginable ways. 

Some call it surrender. I call it generosity.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

Photo credit: Unknown

Water Your Soul Garden

With new eyes, see those populating your world as 
the growing beauty that you also are. 

Water the garden of your own soul by giving from the same 
well that cultivates, enlivens and innovates you.

It takes nothing from you and gives everything.
You remain whole.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love