Have You Hit The Wall Yet?

I am mourning a connection to something, 
I do not know to exactly what. 

Internal sensation conveys an area of ancient, familiar and now-nonuseful 
impenetrability that is now being penetrated. An 'ancient and familiar' that 
has lived with 'me' for untold ages. I am at once connected to and 
becoming immersed in it yet not of it. 

An abyss of such fortitude and depth that a legion of seismic and churning 
engagements have only just begun to meagerly stir it...still it has begun and 
that is the most important aspect of consideration here.

It is curious the number of walls that have been 
climbed and conquered to reach this particular one. 

I am learning to dance with it as my feelings and Self gently, and 
sometimes strenuously and severely, expose the breaches 
that compromise Me from aligning with my Self. 

A way of Being that is now obsolete is on its way out 
of my existence - an unknown, unquantifiable
 loss resulting in a tremendous gain. 

That is the best I can do in describing this segment.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

Photo Credit: Unknown


Leaving My Body

I was in a soft reverie, with closed eyes and an unsummoned 
image of dying suddenly enveloped me. 

I was lying in bed, being held by a loved one with gentle music playing 
as I set the body aside to go to a more subtle existence. 

At the thought of this, I began to gently weep.

My wet eyes were not from sadness, but of the exquisite beauty 
of the scenario around my ideal departure.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

Photo credit: Unknown